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Category 1-V: Stoff flammhemmend: Certificate Class 1 of Italian Ministry of Interior – BS 5852 Crib no:5 – EN 1021 part 1/2 – anallergic , waterproof, non-toxic fabric and antistatic naturally. Composition: 100% polypropylene FR.
Cleaning: with vacuum-cleaner and/or dry cleaning and/or with damp sponge.
Category 2-A: Stoff flammhemmend B1 – Certificate M 1 Police Prefecture of Paris – Statement no 2225/80. Test C.S.E. R.F. 1/75 A – 3/77 Italian Ministry of Interior. Method B.S. 5852/part 1 (GB) cigarette test pass B 1 DIN 4102 – Composition: 100% Polyester TREVIRA CS 270
Cleaning: with normal vacuumcleaner and/or by dry-cleaning or with damp sponge.
Category 2-F: Kunstleder: flame retardant as per the rules – NF P 92/503 M2 (F) – BS 5852 part 1 – BS 7176:1995 – USA MVSS 302 – CUNA 590-2. Composition: 87,5% plasticized PVC – 12,5% polyester.
Cleaning: with damp sponge and soap-water (don’t use solvent or abrasive).
Category 2-XR: Stoff flammhemmend B1 – Italian Class 1 certificate – CSE RF 1/75A , CSE RF 3/77 – NF/P 92/503 M1 (F) – DIN 4102 B1 (D) – BS EN 1021/1-2 (U.K.).
Composition: 100% Polyester TREVIRA CS.
Cleaning: with normal vacuum-cleaner and/or by dry-cleaning or with damp sponge.
Category 3-M: Wollstoff – tested for Class 1 IM and according to EN 1021 / 1-2 English – USA California Bull 117 June 2013 – Composition: 75 % Wool – 25 % Polyamide.

Cleaning: with normal vacuum cleaner, without brushing – Stain Removal: cleaning dry with hydrocarbons and trifluoro – trichloroethane, with normal procedures.
Category 5-C: Natural leather – First Quality – Our first quality natural bovine leather tanned and dyed in barrel, is a soft to the touch, thermic and transpiring natural material, resisting to the test of time. This material, just because natural, can have possible defects that confirm the authenthicity of the natural real leather and so not complainable. The product do not contain pentachlorophenol, aminos, chrome 6 or any other chemical products that are harmful to health.
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